The Every Woman Study™: Low- and Middle-Income Edition


The Every Woman Study™: Low- and Middle-Income Edition is a unique and ambitious project to define the challenges and opportunities to improve survival and quality of life for women diagnosed with ovarian cancer in resource limited settings.  Working with the International Gynecologic Cancer Society, the study is being run through a selection of hospital clinics in participating countries.

Women within five years of their diagnosis are invited to participate, either by interview, paper survey, or a secure online link to the survey which covers their knowledge of the disease, route to diagnosis, treatment, personal priorities, and their information, emotional and practical support needs.

Working with our partner, the International Gynecologic Cancer Society, the objective of this new initiative is to document for the first time ever, on this scale, the experiences of women with ovarian cancer in up to 30 low- and middle-income countries from pre-diagnosis through post-treatment. Initial insights are expected in second half of 2023, with full reports and papers in 2024.

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